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Lapel Pins Create A Sense of Pride With Continuing Education Programs

While many companies implement a variety of continuing education programs, most neglect to give praise to employees who take advantage of such offerings. The common line of thought is that a sense of accomplishment should come from within the employee simply for completing the tasks involved with the continuing education class. While that may be true, public recognition of employees' accomplishments does wonders for the success of such programs.

What many companies have found is that offering an award for completion of education programs (such as lapel pins) is just what is needed to keep employees interested and motivated to learn. In turn, those employees display an increased sense of company loyalty, and a renewed desire to give their all while at work.

After all, one of our most fundamental needs is the need for acceptance and recognition. When that need is fulfilled, employees feel more valued. When employees feel more valued, they tend to be more productive.

National hardware stores often use lapel pins as recognition for completed continuing education programs. Because their employees must have a wealth of knowledge about the departments they work in, they are required to participate in a variety of classes. As an employee "graduates" from a class, they get a lapel pin to add to their vest. As with the military, the more "decorated" you are, the respected you are.

The same holds true for department stores. Employees are encouraged to take courses on customer service, computer operation, employee relations, and so forth in order to become more valuable to themselves and their company. When the courses are completed, employees receive a lapel pin to proudly display on their uniform.

Banks have also discovered the value of recognizing employees who continue to grow and achieve. Once a career path is decided, employees must then take a specific number of courses before promotion will be considered. With each completed course comes a simple recognition ceremony and the giving of a lapel pin commemorating the accomplishment.

Offering lapel pins as your continuing education incentive is a win-win for you and your employees. Because lapel pins have a high perceived value, they are readily received by employees and appreciated. However, these high-quality, attractive lapel pins cost less than $2.00 each so they easily fit into any budget.

For industries such as medicine, technology, real estate, sales, accounting and other ever-changing businesses, continuing education is a must. Providing employees with the additional recognition of lapel pins and public acknowledgement can help to encourage them to stay on top of their game… which in turn helps your company stay ahead of the competition.

We'd be glad to work with you to create a series of lapel pins that commemorate the accomplishments of your employees. Contact us today and let us create the perfect designs for your continuing education lapel pins.

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